Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I put my new shoes on...

I am currently searching for a new pair of fun shoes for a wedding I'm attending in July. I know, it seems early, but since I'm not finding what I want, I'm happy for the head start on this search. My friend from high school S is getting married and I have a fabulous black cocktail dress to wear. I got it a few months back for my friend A's bachelorette, but it's pretty dressy and I think it would be perfect for this wedding. A bonus is that I got it at the Limited for $19.99. I love their sale rack.

So in order to dress the dress up, I want to get a new pair of colored or print heels to wear. I've found a few things I like, but they're all pretty pricey and I think I could do better. I've searched Zappos like crazy and nothing is jumping out. I've also looked at Nordstrom online and I'm not impressed by anything either. This of course led me to JCrew, as they typically have a good selection of heels. Here's what I found so far:

This blue pair comes in a few other colors (purple, green, yellow) and it's the exact style and type of shoe I want. They're on sale right now, but they are still $199. I just don't know if I can spend that much, considering I won't get a ton of wear out of them since they are so bold and dressy. One bonus is they have my size (6.5) in every color so I could really pick anyone I wanted (I'm liking the blue or the green)

This pink pair is pretty amazing too...I'm of course
partial to pink and I love the bow. They are also on
sale ($199), but the downside is they don't have my size. I might be able to call JCrew and see if they could find them for me somewhere.

These are pretty fabulous as well...that turquoise
bow is amazing. Of course, these are NOT on sale and retail for $228. HMMMM.

Here are the final pair. I saw a girl wearing them
at the wedding at work this weekend, so
I've seen them in person and they are adorable.
I'm back to pink obviously. They aren't on sale,
but they're a steal at $198 (the cheapest!!)

So those are my options that I've found so far. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great!! I'm thinking I may just have to suck it up, spend alot (since I did get the dress so cheap) and then wear those damn shoes every day of my life.

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Kate said...

I love the second pair. Such a great color!

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