Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Love it!

My weekend recap (in a nice bulleted list):

* We FINALLY moved into the new house!! We've now spent 3 nights there and it's totally fabulous.

* I am spending WAY too much money at Home Depot. Yikes. It's seriously cutting into my J.Crew fund. There's always weird random things you need when you move.

* I have gotten very creative with storage. Especially for my clothes. The new house has a good amount of storage, but it's different storage than at the aparment...meaning, less room for my clothes. Boo. My new best friend = fabric lined baskets for all my accessories, etc. Love it!

* Spencer is obsessed with our backyard, and I'm seriously thinking she would be happy if she never had to come into the house. We literally have to drag her inside. She's one happy doggie.

* We got an adorable patio set for our yard on sale at the grocery store for $60. Yes, that's correct. We may have looked ghetto lugging that out in the grocery cart, but hey, a deal is a deal.

* It's eerily quiet in our new neighborhood. I sleep SO good...and I can actually hear the birds when I wake up in the morning and not our loud annoying neighbors. I feel like I'm at camp, it's so wooded and green out all of our windows. I am one with nature...haha.

* Sailor Boy is quite handy. I may need to get him a tool set for his birthday. He even re-wired a ceiling fan and then installed it. I like this new side of him!

* Hot dogs on our brand new grill after a long day of moving and unpacking taste amazing. Love it!

I think that's everything. I'm sure I'll be posting pictures of the new place soon. We get internet hooked up on Saturday, so I'll be able to download all my pictures and post them!


Wila (aka Ali) said...

It's crazy how easily money flies out of your wallet at Home Depot! But fun, too! I am so jealous of the grill! That's one thing I really miss being in a condo :-( So glad the move went well! Yeah for quiet sleeping, too!

Lisa said...

Huge fan of the fabric covered baskets right here :-)

They hold everything from dog toys, to cookbooks, to headbands, to clothes that need to be hand washed, etc., etc., the list goes on!

Kerry said...

$60 patio set? Now that is a great deal!

Single in Vancouver said...

Great deal on the patio set! You can't beat that.

Congratulations on finally moving in your new home!

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