Thursday, July 24, 2008

So Happy It's Thursday...

As I've mentioned, I actually get to attend a wedding tomorrow night! One of my good friends from high school is getting married and I'm super excited to go! It's always fun to actually be able to relax and enjoy a wedding (and not have to feel like I should be running around checking on things). It's actually right in town, at one of the rival hotels to the hotel I work at. So I'm also excited to "spy" on this other hotel and see how they do weddings (since it's obviously not as good as us!!)

I've been debating and agonizing over what to wear for several weeks (ok, months). This wedding is going to have like 400 guests (no joke) and I went to high school with a good majority of them. It's sort of like a little mini reunion of sorts, which is another reason i'm so stressed about what to wear. I had purchased that Calypso dress on sale (from this post), and while the dress is great and I love it, I'm not sure if it is the right thing to wear to this wedding. The ceremony is in a very formal catholic church in town and that dress is SUPER low cut in the front...not sure if I want God to see all that! So that led me back to a basic, but fabulous black dress I had in my closet for a while. It's really fun, very comfortable and it looks great on...I also got it super cheap from Limited (like $20), so it's hard to beat. Since the dress is sort of plain, I wanted to dress it up with fun shoes or accessories, and I've been on the hunt for fun colored satin shoes to wear (from this post). Well I found some last night!! Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale - love it! I found these, 40% off:

Only I got them in Bright Kelly Green!!! I have a few pairs of pink shoes already, and while I was tempted, I decided the green would be so fun to wear with the black! They sort of remind me of the shoes from J.Crew with the fun little suede pom pom on top...I'm totally obsessed! So now my outfit dilemma is solved and I'm really happy! I'm going to wear a fun black cocktail ring, my diamond studs and my black clutch with excited!

Speaking of solving hair is back to blonde!!! My hair lady totally saved my life last night and after 2.5 hours, my wonderful blonde was back! She seriously worked miracles. She put in a color remover (like a mask) that had to sit like 15 minutes on my hair, then re-highlighted it with super blonde highlights, then did a conditioning mask and a glaze to make it shiny, then gave me a great cut! It was seriously amazing! Even Sailor Boy was like "wow, that looks GREAT!" So now I'm even MORE excited to go to the wedding tomorrow!!'s so funny how hair can affect your mood so much!


Wila (aka Ali) said...

The wedding outfit sounds great! I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes...might have to venture out to the big N. to check them out! Glad the hair mess fixed itself. Too many of those emergency visits to the salon have taught me not to try and do my own color anymore!

Hope the weather holds out for the wedding! Enjoy yourself!

suburban prep said...

Oh those shoes are fabuolus. They are just so beautiful.
Have a great time at the wedding.

kristy said...

what cute cute shoes! love the style and the color!

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