Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Recap!

So I'm definitely bummed that Christmas has come and gone. It always goes by way too quickly...all that preparation for 1 day! My Christmas was fabulous though, so I can't really complain!

Jake and I decided this year we were going to be a little bit selfish and have a relaxing Christmas without having to worry about running all over the place to see everyone. So Christmas Eve we went to his parents house and did presents and then Christmas day, we literally slept in until 9am, opened our presents to each other, laid on the couch, made a leisurely breakfast and then finally got ready at like 1pm. My parents came to our house to do presents and then we all headed over to my aunts for dinner. We were home from there by 7:30pm and back in our pj's!! Last year we literally went to like 4 different houses on Christmas day and we just did not want to do that again. I wish we could do it like this every year, but I think people would get upset. Oh well.

I was a very lucky girl this year and I got some wonderful presents! Jake's parents got me this amazing black velvet blazer from Banana Republic, new cute pj's from J.Crew and some fun stocking stuff. I also got a digital photo frame (which I asked for to use for wedding pictures next year!!), some new cookbooks, several new cute sweaters, some exercise clothes, new black cashmere gloves and a huge pan that matches our pots and pan set. My parents gave us a whole set of fireplace accessories...a screen and tools for the fire. We haven't had a fire at our house yet because we didn't have a screen, so we were really excited! We also received BEAUTIFUL Waterford Crystal toasting flutes to use for the wedding, from my aunt!Those aren't the exact ones, but they look very similar to that. My aunt also had the bases engraved with our names and the wedding date. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of cheesy flutes or other wedding stuff like that, but I am so in love with these because they are so classic and perfect! We have them stored away for the next 9 months till we get to use them!!

Jake and I weren't supposed to spend alot on each other, because we're trying to save money, plus we just bought a big TV for the house this fall. Of course, he broke that rule and bought me these!!
Marc Jacobs sunglasses! I did not expect that at all! I always just buy cheap $10 sunglasses from Nordstrom because I always break and lose my sunglasses. Jake has been bugging me basically since we met that I needed to invest in nice sunglasses because it's better for my eyes. We happened to be at the sunglass store a few weeks ago and I saw these and liked them, but obviously I wasn't going to buy them for myself, especially right before Christmas. I had no idea he would go back and get them!! I am totally obsessed with them, and I can definitely tell the difference in the quality. Looks like I'm hooked!

So it really was a wonderful holiday! Back to work tomorrow for! Jake is off all week until next Monday. Can we talk about how jealous I am??

And just because she's the cutest puppy ever, here's a picture we took of Spencer Christmas morning, wearing a festive bow. Obviously Jake is standing behind me with a treat, which is the only way she would behave! Hope everyone had a great Christmas!!


Preppy 101 said...

You had a fab Christmas!! Great looking sunglasses! And your puppy is just too cute for words!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

I agree with you 100%, it all comes and goes way too fast. I love your new sunglasses!

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