Thursday, December 18, 2008

Huge Sigh of Relief!!

So we just got our first catering quote from a caterer we met with on Monday for the wedding. This caterer is definitely my #1 choice, but after we met with them, I was SUPER nervous that the quote was going to be ridiculous. Well it was MUCH more reasonable than I though...and considerably less than the number I was estimating in my head!! Maybe it's just because I'm in the industry, so I know how much everything costs, but I was so excited! And it includes a bunch of upgrades that I wanted, like a fun signature drink, super cute linens and chiavari chairs! Now convincing my dad that this amount is actually a really good price may be a little more difficult!

1 comment:

Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

Oh, those chiavari chairs are so nice. I am thinking of investing in some for our home. We have nice wooden folding chairs with leather white seats but chiavari really make the tables look nice.

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